Saturday, February 17

Catch up

I haven't seen much of Geek Acres in the day light for the last several weeks. The weather has been miserably cold since the ice storm and there's still much to do in the way of cleaning up limbs and stacking future firewood. I've had to do some travelling for business and there have been quite a few late nights and weekends lately that have prevented any picture taking or story telling.

My trusty Stihl MS 180C will be put through it's paces as soon as the sprint at work is over. I went ahead and purchased and extra chain and had the original sharpened. I bought the sharpening guide and file for my chain last summer but I apparently need a bit more practice. It still didn't cut very well after my attempt at sharpening. Considering it's only $3 to sharpen the chain, I'll just let the professionals at the True Value in Ash Grove do it for me. I've only used it long enough to move some limbs from gates and fences.

Our helpful neighbor Coy Dan couldn't take that there was still a limb resting on the house a couple weekends ago and showed up with log chains and his chain saw. My dad, my cousins, and I tried our best to remove the large limb from the roof right after the storm, but with the amount of ice on the roof we thought it best to leave it until there was some thawing. A large portion of a limb was wedged against the roof and what remained of the trunk. Coy Dan and I chained the limb up against the trunk and start cutting a little bit at a time off. We used ash from the fireplace on the roof for traction and placed a sheet of plywood under the limb in case it came loose.

A little at a time we cut sections off until all the weight of the limb was being supported by the chain and the trunk remains. Then we chained the top of the trunk to his truck and put tension on the tree pulling away from the house. Slowly we made cuts in the trunk until we saw slack in the chain then we used the truck to pull the rest of it over.

Since then we've continued work on the new room and added the majority of the deck. My camera isn't getting much use and I'm feeling guilty for that. I'll try to do better.

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pablo said...

Hey, it's your blog. Use it as you want, and don't apologize. (Still, I missed your posts!)

Duane Keys said...

Mostly I'm berating myself for not using my creative outlets. It pains me to not have lots of new pictures to show off from my fancy camera!