Friday, January 12

Time passes so quickly when you're having fun or you don't seem to have enough time to have any fun. Geek Acres lately has had less of an emphasis on geek and more on acres! We're still working on our room addition where we converted our 2-car garage into a new bedroom. Our goal to have it finished before the holidays has come and gone but we're still working on it. This picture doesn't represent it's current state either. The ceiling is textured as are the walls. Jennifer has already painted the closet/tack room as well as the new bathroom. This weekend we plan on laying tile and working on trim. In the meantime I've taken on additional responsibilities at work, started teaching, and got myself involved in some website creation projects.

We lived through the skunking and things are back to normal as far as the scent of the house. The dog door in the mud-room is a blessing and a curse at the same time. We spend lots of time cleaning up after our pups but in the end we both feel it's worth it. We don't have to schedule doggie breaks and the dogs are much happier being able to go outside as they see fit.

One day this last fall Jennifer had moved two of the horses into the backyard fence area where the dogs normally do their business. She reasoned that the mares would make short work of the grass and therefore we wouldn't need to mow. The horses kept trying to get on the deck so Jennifer had to block access to it to keep the mares from going up the steps. After that commotion the big girls were content to eat some of the green grass in the back yard.

Meanwhile, Jennifer went in to feed the dogs. Our dogs get measured amounts of Science Diet dog food: light large breed for the chubby girls and regular large breed for the boys. We usually have to keep any eye on them while they eat or else the girls will shove the boys from their food and eat it too. While Jennifer watched the dogs eating their dinner one of the Percheron mares stuck her giant head in through the dog door. Suey was nearest to the door. She was in mid-chew when the big black head poked through the doggie door and she nearly choked on her dog food trying to get a surprised bark out of her mouth. Jennifer laughed about that one for quite a while. I imagine the look on Suey's face was pretty funny.

We managed to give away all but two of the kittens. Oliver, Spits, and Momma Cat are now at home in the barn. We did have one little incident, again with the dog door, as Momma Cat made her presence known in the house late one night. Jennifer and I were both sound asleep when we heard a Meow from the master bathroom (which has an entrance to the mudroom where the dog door is). We both jumped out of bed to prevent the dogs from going at the cat, but luckily, they slept through the whole thing. I tossed the cat back outside and locked the door shut. I don't think Momma Cat has forgiven me for that yet.
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pablo said...

I'm happy you were able to make a post. I hope it is okay to say that I was a bit worried about you. I love how you left that door partially open in the photo. That makes the view beyond it even more enticing. Curious: the windows set beside it seem to be very low. Is that an optical illusion? If not, is there a reason they are placed like that?

Duane Keys said...

Illusion? No... Simply a mistake that is too late to correct... That's what happens when you get a bunch of cobblers together instead of professional carpenters!

Ed Abbey said...

I still have paint drying on my work boots from my remodeling project. Finished the painting (except touchup) and hopefully will get started on the trim next week. I too had the deadline of the holidays. That stuff always seems to take longer than what you anticipate.