Monday, January 22

Livin' the Dream

It's day 10 without power. Jennifer and I are trying to keep our good humor but gets tough sometimes. Exhaustion from the routine (add wood, add fuel, add wood, purchase fuel, add wood, move wood closer to house, add fuel) plus the news on Friday that it could be "two to three more weeks" really brought our spirits down for a while. We haven't heard that news report again on the radio, but it's what I've set our expectations on now.

As a matter of fact, we rarely hear news out of the Southwest Electric Cooperative. It's completely understandable that they cannot generate a time-table, however consistent updates to the news outlets would help to dispel rumors and provide a sense of progress. The local radio station continue to give updates on numbers of poles down, number of customers without service, but it's always a crap shoot to hear anything from SWEC. The latest from the SWEC site:



Efforts to restore service to Southwest Electric Cooperative’s members as quickly as possible continues. We continue to have several locations without power ranging from the Bolivar, to Buffalo , to Pleasant Hope, to Fair Grove area, with some additional areas north of Bolivar and Buffalo . Additional crews and trucks arrived overnight bringing the man power total up to 157 additional personnel and 75 extra trucks working on the lines.

Southwest Electric Cooperative has several members asking for a definite answer as to when their power will be restored. Please understand that a storm with damage of this magnitude makes it impossible for us to accurately place specific time estimates on the power restoration.

Remember, just because you have not seen a crew in front of your house does not mean they are not working on your line. It does no good to repair a line that has no power running to it. Repairs are focused on the main power lines first from the substations, then to the secondary and individual lines going to houses and subdivisions.

We are still dealing with large amounts of broken poles and wires laying on the ground across our system. Power is being restored daily but if you are still out of power, continue to make plans for several more days, and please have patience while progress is being made.

Our phones are continuing to be answered 24 hours a day, everyday. All our phone lines are open however, with the number of phone calls coming into the offices it may take several attempts to get through. Member service personnel may not be able to give an accurate time of power restoration but they will be able to report your outage information. Please remember to have your account number or pole location number ready before calling in.

We can see lights on the horizon to the east, south, and west of us. I'm very much looking forward to the call to come home and hook up the breaker box again.

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pablo said...

I didn't know your area got hit so bad. Two more weeks without power?! Fortunately, you're young, and you'll look back fondly at all of this as a great adventure.