Thursday, January 18

Ice storm update

I took the image above of our first fall fire back in October. Little did I know we would really be putting it through it's paces in the coming winter. We've burned quite a bit of firewood now and are on the hunt for more. The limbs and trees that have fallen near us will provide lots of wood but it's too green to burn on it's own. My dad, who has gone above and beyond what anyone could expect to help us out, is on the look-out for firewood east of us where the ice storm was less damaging. Pickup-loads in the Springfield area were going for $175 (when they're normally in the $50 to $75 range).

My dad and my cousins came out last night to help hook the generator directly into the well house and clear limbs around it so we now have running water. The water heater is electric so we're still without the convience of the water faucet handle on the left, but it's a start. Finding the plug that fits the generator was quite a challenge. My dad stood in line at Sutherlands for an hour to find out they would only sell him the plug if he bought the generator from them (which we did not). I will not be shopping at Sutherlands anymore.

The night before my dad and I wired in the heat-a-lator. You can see the vents of the heat-a-lator in the image above. A fan pulls in air through the bottom vents, circulates it around the firebox, then blows out the warmed air through the vents on top. It's helping keep the house near the 55-to-60 degree mark, good enough with a few layers of clothes or several blankets on the bed.

I haven't slept longer than 2.5 hours at a time in the last 6 days, I've set my phone to alert me to throw wood on the fire every 2.5 hours. I then wake at 5 AM to fill the generators and make the drive to work to shower in the locker room. I'm looking forward to getting power back permenantly so I can get a continuous 8 hours of sleep and a hot shower in my own home. Until then we'll make it and continue to count our blessings.

*Note: for those who might be concerned, we completely removed the appliances we've wired in from the rest of the house's electrical system. There will be no back-feeding of power into the lines should our power be restored. I will have a bit of work to wire things back together when we do get power, but that's a chore I'm looking forward to.

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