Thursday, January 25


We recieved power yesterday evening! Things can begin returning to "normal" now.

Lesson's learned:
- Jennifer was right to worry and want to prepare by stocking up on water, food, etc. I'll never again doubt her! (Have said that before?) I did learn a new term for mob shopping that occurs before a storm: "french toast panic."

French Toast Panic - [french /toʊst/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciationtohst pan-ik] - noun - The fear instilled by winter weather that causes normally rational people to run to the closest grocery store and purchase bread, milk, and eggs.

- I should have installed a gas water heater like everyone said I should when I replaced the old electric water heater.

- I should have listened to Jennifer and had the wood furnace inspected before we needed it!

- It's hard to beat family and friends when you're in need.

Thanks to everyone for their support, and to those still in the dark, hang in there!

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Ed Abbey said...

Congratulations. It only takes one major ice storm to change your ways. Mine changed about ten years ago.

Lindsay said...

Yay!! Now back to regularly scheduled... life! been following your blog pulling for you guys- glad you can finally start getting back to normal!

Jennifer said...

That "I'll never again doubt her" stuff....I'd like to think that pertains to everything, but I have a suspicion that it only pertains to the pre-storm purchase of supplies. I wonder though... if you did a search on your blogs for the words " Jennifer was right", just how many times would it pop up...and still, he doesn't listen. :)