Friday, January 19

Country Vocabulary Lesson

On the way to Springfield, I called our neighbors to see if they needed anything:

Me (to Coy Dan on the phone): Do you need anything from Springfield, we're headed that way?
Coy Dan: Naaw, I think we're OK.
Me: OK, let us know if you do need anything.
Jennifer (to me in my other ear): Glenda said they needed bread.
Me (to relaying the info to Coy Dan on the phone): Jennifer said that Glenda needed bread. Did she get bread?
Coy Dan: Lord I hope not!
Me (confused, to Coy Dan): OK...
Jennifer (to me in my other ear): He probably doesn't want the wheat bread she's been buying.
Me (to Coy Dan): Is it because she bought wheat?
Coy Dan: Oh! That kind of bread!

It was only after I hung up and recanted the conversation to Jennifer and she started laughing that I realized what was so funny. A homophone for "bread" that Coy Dan probably uses on a more regular basis than I is "bred".

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Wow! That's a great one! I'll chuckle about this all day long. Thanx.