Friday, December 22

Skunk Funk

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Gelleon gave us an early Christmas present last night (end sarcasm). With company on the way for the holidays, Geek Acres went into red-alert panic-mode as Gelleon strode through the house after being freshly sprayed by a skunk.

The smell in the house is noticeable to me but not over-powering. I think women have much more sensitive noses than men. Jennifer has been suffering through this ordeal with a queasy stomach to start; not a good combination.

I wasn't home when Gelleon arrived to bring the skunk funk indoors. Jennifer was occupied with something and by the time she realized it he had walked the entire house contaminating practically every room. When she did realize he had been sprayed she quickly threw him back outside and began damage control: opening windows and lighting candles and dispensing every odor absorbing or masking spray, powder, or chemical we have.

I came home to assist Jennifer as soon as I could (having been called away from next-to-last minute Christmas shopping). I did some research on the net and found several variants of the same solution (involving hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap) to get rid of the smell.

It was difficult to apply the solution to his face, where I'm sure he bore the brunt of the attack, while avoiding his eyes, ears, and nose as the directions indicated. He still stinks and remains in quarantine until the smell eventually, we hope, wears off.

In the mean time we have warned our company, her brother James and his wife Vonda, of the issue to which they got a great big laugh out of. They said they're coming anyway and can always stay at a hotel if they can't stand to be in our smelly house. Coy Dan and Glenda came up to see/smell for themselves. "Welcome to country life!" Coy Dan laughed and told us. He said he could barely smell anything other than the perfumes Jennifer had applied. Glenda said she could smell it but that it wasn't too bad. They offered up their home if we needed a place to go. Happy holidays!?!

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pablo said...

This story reminds me a little of my trip back from Kenya (not having had a change of clothes for 5 days or a shower for 2).

Ed Abbey said...

Having had a dog for many many years who evidently loved skunks (at least a dozen times that I can remember), I can say that it does wear off with time, perhaps a week or so. Also, nothing, including tomato soup and your concoction can fully remove the smell, only make it less overwelming.