Wednesday, December 20


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One of my favorite things about our family get-togethers is the opportunity to eat some tasty Filipino food. My mother is from the Philippines where my father met her while he was in the service. On special occassions, she will bring out a speciality of hers, lumpia.

Lumpia doesn't always make an appearance at every family gathering due the labor involved in making it. Until recently, my mother has held the recipe secret but I talked her into showing me how to make it.

After a quarter century (and more) of eating her lumpia, I still had no idea what was exactly in it. Such is not the case today. I have pictures and detailed documentation on the process and I have successfully executed the manufacture of this delicious dish twice now. My lovely wife has charged me with keeping her in a supply of lumpia for the rest of our lives.

James and Vonda, Jennifer's brother and sister-in-law will be joining us for part of the Christmas holidays and I decided it's high time to share lumpia with them. Lumpia is kind of a Filipino egg-roll, but that description doesn't do it justice. I mentioned before that it's labor intensive and despite the two nights of preparation and the cursing of separating lumpia wrappers, it is worth it.

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Ed Abbey said...

I never knew that about you. I'm married to a Filipina myself so I know the joys of lumpia. My mother-in-law showed me how to make it and since that time, the entire Filipino community around here expects me to bring lumpia to all our get togethers. The secret is all in the wrapper which depending on what brand you buy can stay crisp or gets soggy.