Sunday, December 17

Guarding the flock

Guarding the flock
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We think we mostly have the dogs broken of eating the poultry as is evident in this image. I thought it was a nice picture of Dobie relaxing in the fall weather while the chickens peck all around him. The dogs generallly do their best to avert their eyes of the chickens and guineas, at least while we're looking. Occassionally though, Dobie will succomb to the urge to pounce in the general direction of an unsuspecting chicken. We think he wants to play more than anything but such a sight can cause a grown man's heart to skip a beat and chicken's hearts, I think, are much more fragile.

In other poultry related news, everyone seemed to survive the first bad winter storm without problem. The chicken house seems to have kept it's occupants nice and cozy during the cold spell. We felt so bad the first morning after the storm though, as we found one chicken who didn't make it in before we closed the door. She had icicles hanging off of her and she was huddled under the "sick bay" pen. She seemed fine though and quickly rejoined the flock when given the opportunity.

There are so many things on so many fronts going on lately that I haven't had much time or energy to post. I suspect many people are feeling the same way this time of year.

We have visitors due to Geek Acres in the middle of the week. An old college buddy and his girlfriend are going to make a quick stop at the farm on the way to see his parents for the holidays. Jennifer and I have been busy preparing the guest bedroom so that it's a comfortable place for them to rest after their journey. Jennifer's home decor skills shine again as she applied a new color to the walls that goes well with the comforter and furniture she had chosen.

This weekend, the guest bedroom will be utilized again as we play host to Jennifer's brother and his wife. They'll be stopping in for the weekend and spending part of the Christmas holidays with us. We got a little get-together planned for Saturday night which should include some delicious Filipino food!

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pablo said...

Yes, we are all pretty busy this time of the year. Glad to see you were able to make a post though. I'm always glad to read them.