Thursday, November 23

Thanksgiving Activities

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Today we had my cousins Aaron and Blakely and the neighbors over for a very non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. Jennifer had basically cooked an entire traditional Thanksgiving dinner last week (and it was delicious) so we decided to go with something different. We figured everyone would be turkeyed out so we had Jennifer's famous lasagna (and it, too, was delicious). My parents, still in the Philippines, missed out on some good eats!

Aaron and Blake helped me with yet another project today as well. We had quite the assembly line going and made short work of a stack of 2x8 boards. Today we were able to close in the round pen. Now it's only missing a gate. I showed Aaron how to operate the camera, so the credit goes to him on most of the shots in the collage above. For a closer look at his work see my flickr stream.

Aaron captured a some shots of me and my power tools, of Blakely setting up the next board to be nailed in, as well as some shots of the animals playing. Dobie, who looks fairly menacing in the image, was taunting the other dogs. Aaron wandered around the house and snapped some shots of the chickens including the English game bird that is shown. He also took a quick shot of the Percheron mares.

Jennifer presented me with my early birthday present, my very own horse. She's an old mare who's well broke; something for me to learn on. Her name is Princess, but we've decided to just call her Red. She's in pretty rough shape at the moment but nothing a little TLC won't fix. I'll postpone posting any pictures of her until we've got some nice before and after shots.

All and all it was a really nice day, and we've got so much to be thankful for.

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Rev.Vapor said...

Wow! That's a really cool Birthday present. Happy Birthday... I'm sorry, but I can never remember when it is... sometime in December right?