Sunday, November 19

Scrap Metal and Horse Clinic

This trailer load wasn't quite as lucrative as the previous one. I was, however, relieved to actually get the unsightly mess off the farm. On the trailer was several miscellaneous pieces of metal, fence, the old mail box, and the remnants of an old trailer that apparently was in the brush pile we burnt earlier in the year.

I had loaded and reloaded the trailer numerous times. I would load it with the scrap metal only to find I needed to use the trailer for some other task before I could make it to town while the metal collectors where open. I made it my goal to get that trailer unloaded (at a scrap metal buyer) this weekend and finally succeeded. I drove into Bob Scrap Metal, weighed, unloaded, then weighed again. I took my $14 and left Bob's Scrap metal with an empty trailer.

While I was avoiding getting tetanus Jennifer was attending a dressage clinic. She's forgotten more about horses than I'll ever know and she's still on the quest for more knowledge. For the uninitiated dressage is a discipline of horsemanship often referred to as horse ballet. Comparing a normal trail-ride to dressage is like comparing pick-up truck to a sports car, not because of a speed difference but the quality of control.

It'll be slow working into the dressage field. It's definitely not a sport for the poor!

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Lindsay said...

Wow! For an uninitiated you provide a pretty good definition of dressage!

I met Jennifer at the clinic and just had to check out the blog she mentioned! Hey, any time you need an extra fill of fencing and clearing land just come on over! Alternately, posting more pictures of your lovely horses would also be a good use of time.

Please thank Jennifer again for her company and superb photography skills!

Duane Keys said...

Hi Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by. Jennifer told me alot about you.

I know I need better pictures of the horses. Either the lights not good or I don't have a camera when the horses are being photogenic.

I'll definitely try to get some better shots this holiday weekend.