Monday, November 20

Labor of Love

power take off
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Our beloved neighbor, Coy Dan Blakemore, has taken apart his 4010 (I think) John Deere tractor for a good repainting. Pictured here is the rear of the tractor and the PTO (power take off). Coy Dan painstakenly repaints the tractor to its factor colors and applys brand new John Deere stickers as required.

Coy Dan bought this tractor in the late seventies and has put somewhere in the area of 5000 hours on it since then. His son, Bruce, told Coy Dan he wanted two things only from him when he died. One was a rifle, the other was this tractor.

When the assembly is complete, I'll post pictures of it before its put back to work.

My flickr photostream has more to see as well.

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