Monday, November 6


little bittle kittles
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Do other people come up with names for their pets in addition to the "given" name? We rarely call any of our dogs by their actual names. The names we call them are the product of a slow transformation based on their name or things that rhyme with it as well as personality traits or specific incidents.

Take for example our first dog, Dobie. Dobie quickly became Dobie Doo, then Dobie Doodle, or just Doodle. He loves to lay on the couch so we started calling him a couch potato (po-TAY-toe). He also now goes by Tayto or some time Tado, and some times Tomato (because it rhymes).

Haley became Haley Bailey. That turned into Haley Bailey Boo, or now just Boo. She's also known as Belly, because of her pink belly that she likes to show off.

Gelleon, gets called Mellon, or Smellon, or Mr. Magelleon.

Suey was easily shortened to just Sue, but she quickly acquired the nickname of Toots (rhymes with Sue but has other obvious meanings).

Our dogs respond to all of their names, and frankly I don't think they care what we call em as long as we keep treating them like the own the place! Jennifer and I joke that it's their house, we just pay the mortgage.

In the same way that we call our dogs by many names, sometimes referring to all of them as potatoes (they all love being couch potatoes) I pretty much refer to all kitties as Bittles. Kitty became Little bittie kitty, bittle kittle, and finally just bittles. Picture here are 3 of our 7 bittles (including momma bittle). Soon they'll be old enough to be weaned, then we'll find them some nice homes.

Feel free to sign up now and reserve one of these cuties!


Kara said...


Bagels is Bagely Begal, Bagel Button Pup, Buttons, Fatty McGee, just fatty (she's packed on the lbs lately, next purchase is diet dog food!) etc. Tata Tot goes by Tata, Potato, Poop Machine, etc. They are both poop machines, poopers, poopie pie, poopie poos. Caedee calls them simply Ta and Ba.

Your bittles name reminded me that my mom used to go by the name bitty in her family. Her older sister was baby, and she was itty bitty baby, shortened to simply bitty. I suppose this habit does not simply apply to pets.

Ed Abbey said...

I just called my dog Ted and never varied. My four month old daughter on the other hand goes by "squirmy" and "my little sack of rice" along with other names.

Justin said...

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