Tuesday, October 10

When playing with barbed wire...

percherons meet quarter horses

You will get scratched. My arms are evidence of my recent weekend activities. While the barbed wire ("bob war" for the phoetenically challenged) won many battles, I won the war. The fruits of my labor are that the horses now have room to run, and run they did. As soon as they got over the fact that there was fresh green plants to munch on they began galloping back and forth and kicking their heels in the air.

Pictured above is the meeting of herds. Our two Percheron draft horses were noticed by quickly by the neighboring quarter horses. They exchanged sniffs and glances for quite some time. In addition to the room to run the new grazing area will reduce our hay requirements somewhat and keep the horses entertained.

I'm fairly confident now in my fence building abilities. I've got plenty of barbed wire left and a barely used fence stretcher. Money and time are my only obstacles to building the remaining sections, that seems to be a continuing theme.

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meghann said...

Congrats, it's always nice to sit back and look and what you've accomplished. The horses galloping about is a huge pat on the back.

tbirdonawire said...

Oh, trust me, you will get plenty of use from that fence stretcher. Not to be a downer or anything. ;)

Hubby and sons spend plenty of time restretching what used to be nice and tight.

Keep up the good work!