Friday, October 27

Building Fence

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I apologize, again, for the lack of updates. I took this picture a couple weekends after we actually finished the fence.* We fenced in some pasture to the west of the driveway. The perimeter fence already existed, we just needed to add 500 feet of new fencing and a couple of gates to close it in.

I took a couple days off last week to get this done. My Uncle Bill, who builds fence for a living, my Aunt Julia, my dad, Jennifer and I each did our part. Uncle Bill provided some of the specialized tools, such as his back-saving pneumaitc fence post driver. We still managed to find some rocks every where we wanted to set a post but that didn't stop us.

Uncle Bill also brought his John Deere tractor with the auger attachment. Coy Dan, our neighbor and John Deere fan, gave us his seal of approval on the eqipment choice.

We made quick work of the 500' of 4"x2" of woven wire with a single barb strand on top. To top it off we set into the ground all 22 posts for the roundpen.

More pictures to come.

* finished is a relative word - I still have one more gate to hang, a pile of scrap metal to move, and a burn pile that needs to be moved before we let the horses out in to the new area.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

It's nice that you had some good help in your fencing projects. Sounds like you have been getting a lot accomplished. I'm looking forward to more of your creative photographs.

pablo said...

That's a nice looking stretch of fence! So there's a machine to drive fence posts into the ground? I thought only muscle and stupidity could do it.