Saturday, September 16

Farm Addictions

My wife has an ailment, a sickness, a condition if you will. She has an addiction to be more precise. An addiction that causes her to obsessively collect new living things for us to feed, build shelter, and complete care for.

Jennifer found a stuffed monkey toy near the barn and wondered where it came from. Our neighbor, Coy Dan, had brought his granddaughter to see our horses (to which she said "whoa, their big!"). I rationalized that perhaps the toy had fallen out of Coy Dan's truck and that it might belong to his granddaughter. We planned on asking the neighbors about it the next time we talked to them.

In the meantime we had acquired a new resident, Cali, a pregnant calico cat. Jennifer has a bleeding heart and the sickness I mentioned. She found out about Cali through someone she works with. The cat was abandoned when a family moved out of an apartment (I just hate people like that). Cali, pregnant and very obviously near term, was left with a bowl of food near a dumpster.

Jennifer rationalized a reason to bring the poor cat home (we were apparently taking applications for a barn cat) and just like that, we're plus another mouth to feed (not to mention the kitties on the way). I joke, but it's ok by me. I had cats around growing up.

Jennifer and I had a cat previously when we lived in town. Actually, to be more correct, Dobie had a cat. Our 90+ lb Doberman had found a kitten behind our place in Springfield. The two of them would wrestle and play and the big bad Doberman was always the one to whimper and run off, never hurting the kitty.

We did decide that this cat would remain a barn cat. It will be fun to have a cat out in the barn that can be useful, assuming she can catch mice. We'll give away as many of the kittens as we can and get Cali fixed as soon as it's safe.

Jennifer had called down to the neighbors to tell them about the cat (the barn borders their property) and ask about the stuffed monkey. Glenda was happy to hear about the cat and offered to take one of the kittens to make a barn cat for themselves. We had also learned the origin of the mysterious monkey. Glenda had given it to their dog Fizwad to play with. Gelleon had probably dragged it home for Jennifer to find.

Glenda told Jennifer that she tell her husband, Coy Dan, about the cat and causally mention we had a monkey too, just to see what he would say. When Coy Dan came home Glenda gave him the news, that "Jennifer's got a barn cat and a monkey" to which Coy Dan, not at all surprised by that statement replied, "what kind of monkey?"

I asked him later what he thought when Glenda told him that. He told me that he easily imagined a monkey among the dogs, the cat, the chickens, the guineas, and the horses. He said his first thought was "I wonder what the dogs think of the monkey."

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

I was kind of hoping that you had acquired a real monkey, so we could hear about your adventures building primate housing.

Duane Keys said...

I still owe a post on the final result of the hen house!

n.l. said...

I say get a real monkey now.

Duane Keys said...

I think the only primates on our farm will be us!