Wednesday, August 23


Jennifer inadvertently let a couple guineas out, so she let them all out. I read somewhere that after several weeks of being in an enclosure they would imprint on the hen house as "home" and return each night to roost. Since I haven't completed the chicken yard around the hen house we had to cage all the chickens in order to leave the door to the hen house open.

The guineas didn't go far the entire day, staying within site of the hen house, so we thought things were going pretty well. When I got home they were busily going from one part of the yard to another. They'd stop and scratch and make all kinds of noise then quickly move to another part of the yard. It was entertaining to watch them.

My Aunt Julia, who has a flock of her own, told me that her and Uncle Bill usually just had to wait until after dark and go close the door on their hen house and all the birds would be quietly roosting in the safety of the building. So tonight as dark approached we watched to see if they would go in by themselves.

They did get very close, in fact a few went in momentarily, but the flock seemed to want to settle outside the door. We tried shooing them in, but that didn't work. We tried placing one or two in to coax the rest in and that didn't work. So we decided to try it Aunt Julia's way. We both went in and about 9:45 PM I went out to check on them.

They're gone. MIA. No where to be found. I hope I have better news in the morning.

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pablo said...

Maybe they found a nice tree to roost in.