Thursday, August 24

The flock is back on active duty

Guinea Flock
Originally uploaded by duanekeys.
I awoke this morning to feed the animals and was happy to see the guiena flock busily scratching away. As Pablo commented on the previous post, perhaps they were roosting to high for me to see with my flash light.


pablo said...

I'm glad your flock has returned, though will you ever be able to tame them now?

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Guineas are extreme flocking birds. If you begin by letting about 1/2 of them out, they will stay near the pen and re-enter it a night to rejoin their companions. After a few nights of this, they will tend to go in by themselves each night. The trick is to keep the pen closed (during this training period) until the ones you have left inside roost for the night, then open the door for the wandering guineas. It's all in the timing, but it ends up working (at least for our Arkansas guineas, which may behave differently from your Missouri guineas).

meghann said...

once we let out the guineas we had, they never went back in the pen. They just started roosting in the barn near the chicken coop. It was much higher up, so I guess they felt safer there?