Tuesday, August 29


I created quite a pile of brush some time ago clearing out a fence line. At the time we hadn't quite settled on where the new fences would go, and as luck would have it I placed the pile right in the middle of the next fence line I needed to build. This fence line will create a smaller area for our new horses to graze.

I needed to move the pile somewhere or burn it in place. I didn't really want to burn it in place since it was underneath some oak and walnut trees and in close proximity to the house. I had mentioned to our neighbor, Coy Dan, that I was going to have someone estimate moving it out of the way and possibly hauling it off.

Yesterday I arrived home to fin the middle of the back field. I was happy to see my neighbor and his tractor making short work of the pile. We started the pile to flame well before dark, around 6:30 PM. We all sat around enjoying the peaceful sounds of a crackling fire. Eventually Coy Dan's wife, Glenda joined me, Jennifer, and Coy Dan. She brought up making smores and before long we were trying to get close enough to the bon-fire to roast our marshmallows without roasting ourselves. The smores hit the spot.

By 10:00 at night Coy Dan and Glenda were heading home. Despite the recent rains, Jennifer and I were both weary of leaving the still burning fire unattended overnight. All it would take is one errant spark to hit the hay barn to ruin the day and more. So I volunteered to watch over it. I backed my pickup truck into the field and armed myself with a water hose, an air mattress and my sleeping bag.

It was a peaceful sleep, when I got it. I periodically woke up to check the fire. I gave up watching over the pile of embers around 4:45 in the morning this morning and put it out with the hose. That's when I headed into the house to try and get ready for work. I ended up needing a little more rest and was a little late to work this morning.

Those who know me were already trying to deduce what farm catastrophe occurred to make me miss. Luckily there wasn't any catastrophes to speak of, but I'm tired none-the-less.

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