Wednesday, August 30


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Coy Dan met Scott, a local farrier, at the Fair Play swap meet. Coy Dan was purchasing an old halter when Scott approached him and asked if he needed a farrier. Coy Dan told Scott that he did have a horse that needed shod, in fact he had several but wanted to make sure Scott was capable.

When I arrived home from work I headed down the hill to the Blakemore farm. Jennifer had called me and told me a farrier was coming. She had been waiting for Coy Dan to get the horses feet worked on before she started training them. I knew it might make a neat photo opportunity as well as a very educational experience. To see more of the pictures, check out my farrier pics on my flickr stream.

Jennifer and Coy Dan approved of Scott's work. Scott kept up the friendly banter while they kept him busy with 3 of Coy Dan's mares, his pony Dude, and Coy Dan's stud Cody. With a little light left he removed the shoes from Eve at our place.

If anyone is in need of a capable farrier in Southwest Missouri, I can recommend Scott. He can be reached at (417) 773-9170.

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meghann said...

That brings back a lot of memories, seeing those farrier pictures. At one point I thought I might like to do that. I only got as far as cleaning out the hoof, then breaking off the nails and rasping the hoof afterwards. I was always afraid to actually drive the nails in.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

It's interesting to watch a skilled farrier at work. Hoof work is too dangerous for my tastes. All of the farriers that we have used have both scars and stories to tell regarding the effectiveness of a horses hoof as a weapon. I usually just watch from a distance, thank you.