Wednesday, July 5

Summer time holidays in the country

homemade ice cream
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This weekend was packed full of rural weekend goodness. On top of that it was a summer-time holiday weekend, which means only one thing in these parts: home-made ice cream.

We joined our neighbors, the Blakemore's, for their annual 4th of July shin-dig. It was also a birthday celebration, Great Grandma Blakemore was somewhere between her mid twenties and her mid seventies. We enjoyed 100% pure angus beef burgers (straight off the Blakemore farm) as the main course. The supporting roles included Jennifer's raspberry vinegarette salad, with blue cheese crumbles, red-onion, candied walnuts, and pickled beets. I love that salad. The encore was the homemade ice cream, bananna, with a slice of Jennifer's Choclate Zucchini cake.

The rest of the weekend was not without events. Saturday and part of Sunday I spent with my father and my Uncle Walter building a hen house for our guineas. Many thanks to Hal, of Ranch Ramblins, for his excellent post and guided tour of his hen houses. I gleaned quite a bit of information that will help me improve upon our little building. The structure is complete, however it still requires some finishing touches (nesting boxes, windows cut out, etc). We built the entire building, 8x6 feet by 8 fee tall on one side sloping down to seven feet on the opposite end, at my dad's warehouse. He's got plenty of lumber (he deals in surplus things, lumber being one of them). We then loaded it on a flatbed trailer with fork lifts and I hauled it home.

The 80 miles pulling the building home didn't do much for my miles per gallon spreadsheet, but we got it home intact. Coy Dan was nice enough to come over and unload it for us using his tractor and front-end loader.

On the fourth, we joined the Blakemores on an adventure to the city of Fair Play's swap meet. What started as a simple quick trip turned into an all day affair involving the aquisition of half a dozen chickens, one rooster, and the construction of a poultry yard at the Blakemore's. More on that to come.

All in all it was a great weekend, and I was sad to hear my alarm clock (that is my dog Sue, she has no snooze button) go off this morning to have me rise and get ready for work.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

It sounds like you had wonderful holiday weekend enjoying the company of family and friends.

Hope to see some photos of your hen house when you have it completed.