Saturday, July 29

Ozark Empire Fair

fair lights
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I walked around the Ozark Empire Fair yesterday after work. My wife is working as a trainer for one of the draft horse show exhibitors, so I spent some time in the barn while they scrambled to and fro between shows. I missed the only time Jennifer was in the ring as it was much earlier in the day.

I took a few pictures while there. You can see them here. I didn't take near as many as I planned. It was much too hot in during the day light to walk around with my camera strapped to my neck. Then after sitting in the barn for a while waiting for dark I was ready to head on home. I stopped outside the ride area to take this 20 second exposure of the rides going round and round.

The Ozark Empire Fair is definately an experience. I'm sure it doesn't differ much from the typical fair. You've got the standard fair exhibits including a petting zoo and other ag-related activities. Inside the air-conditioned E-plex, you'll find different businesses pedddlin' their wares or politicians glad-handing and kissing babies. The grandstand usually has some fairly big-name acts playing. Smaller acts are playing on other stages or booths through out the fair.

Standar fair fare, of course, includes corn-dogs, lemonade, and funnel cakes, among many other not-so-good-for-you but tasty-once-a-year-treats. I had a foot long corn-dog and a large lemonade for dinner. At $9 bucks it's one of the more expensive meals I've treated myself to in a while!


Jack said...

I like your photo "Fair Lights.' We haven't made it to the fair yet and you almost had me with those images of foot long corn dogs. Fat Jack likes his deep fried fair treats, including the twinkie on a stick.

But even Big-and-Hungry can't pay $9 for a corn dog and drink.

Duane Keys said...

The prices are a bit crazy. I don't remember it being that much the last time I went. Someone told me the prices have gone up and that there was a story in the news about it or something...

Jack said...

Fun and tradition shouldn't cost that much.