Friday, July 28

The other side of the fair

Last night I went to the fair grounds where my wife is preparing to assist with showing Percheron Draft horses in the fair. It was an interesting behind the scenes look at the fair a day before it opens. The rides were all in place but only lit by the dim street and parking lot lights of the fair grounds.

I'm always fascinated with new sub-cultures that I encounter. Fair exhibitors, specifically those exhibiting livestock, live in a whole other world. Campers and RVs lined the north parking area of the fair-grounds while in the barns people are busy with last minute grooming and care of their prize-hopeful animals.

At least in the horse barn, most people set up camp in stalls near their horses. It's apparently necessary to stay close to the animals to protect them from overly competitive people. My wife told me of a time her friend's horse was poisoned before a big show. Some people will do anything to win.

Tonight and tomorrow I plan on attending the fair, mostly to watch my wife compete, but I also plan to take lots of pictures. The recent rain ought to make for interesting reflections of the fair rides.

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pablo said...

I've often wondered what the Ozark Empire Fair is like. I hope you take lotsa pix and managed a few posts out of it. I would be interested in that for sure.