Thursday, July 20


We had good intentions building a fenced in backyard in which to keep the dogs. But after many sessions calling Gelleon back we had become resigned to the fact that Gelleon was going to find his way out of any enclosure and he had good farm sense and could take care of himself. I've seen him scale a 6ft chainlink fence to get out then again to get back in when we lived in Springfield. Since on the farm he has been making trips at his will to visit the neighbor dog.

The other night he came home covered in blood. After the initial panic wore off Jennifer was able to determine it was only his ear that was cut. Apparently dog ears bleed profusely and the blood on the floors and walls supported this fact. Jennifer (having experience working in a vet's office) bandaged him up as best as she could. The following day Gelleon made a trip to the vet and got the cut cauterized. We were told to super glue it shut as necessary.

Just a few nights later Gelleon, who was out another romp with his buddy Fizwad, came home. He jumped up on the couch with me and I felt a warm liquid on my leg. I knew it was hot outside, and he was definitely panting, but I didn't think it was that hot! Then I noticed that the warm liquid was crimson in color; he was bleeding all over the place. I took him in the bathroom and set him in the tub. I assisted Jennifer in cleaning his wound and trying to get the bleeding stopped long enough to put more super glue on it. Once the glue was dry we let him go.

That lasted for one shaking of the head. Blood was sprayed all over the washer and dryer, and we started the routine again. This time though, I wanted to secure his ear to his head. The image below shows the results of that effort. I used the top of a garbage bag box to secure his re-superglued ear in, then secured the cardboard to the rest of his head.

Gelleon hasn't left home since. I think his pride has been damaged too much to go hang out with Fizwad... for now.

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pablo said...

That is one good looking dog. I've always liked the brindle colored ones. Sounds like a pure farm dog.

(Hope he doesn't drink sweetened tea.)

Duane Keys said...

No tea for him, just water out of everything that'll hold water including my wife's water garden.

Gin said...

Love it! And that's pretty much what farming is all about...improvising and making do with what you have. But Gelleon? Fizwad???

Gin, wandering off muttering "Whatever happened to Spot and Fido and Rover?"

Duane Keys said...

Gelleon came with that name from the rescue group. Fizwad's the neighbor dog. As Pablo once said "just about the finest name for a dog" he's ever heard. ;)

tbirdonawire said...

Poor Gelleon. I hope he gets better soon.

We had a little toy fox terrier when I was growing up on my grandmother's farm. She had the run of the farm and then some. She got kicked a couple of times by horses and went through all kinds of scrapes and such. She was a sturdy dog for as little as she was. She lived to be 16.