Monday, July 17

Gut check

I was just sure that moving to the farm and having a mile-long list of physical activities to be performed daily would counteract the 8 hours of sitting I do a day. I just knew that activities like digging holes for posts, building fence, feeding poultry, and clearing fence lines would make the old pants a little looser.

Somehow, this has not materialized. While I am sure I am burning more calories and sweating on a daily basis I believe that must all be offset (and then some) by the gallons of sweet, sweet, sweet-tea I have been consuming.

For those that may not be aware, sweet-tea can only be made properly by adding the sugar while the tea is still hot. Thus allowing the sugar to completely dissolve into a molten sugary goodness. Then and only then should it be poured over ice cubes and consumed in the hot and humid Ozark's summer. It is not the same (repeat not the same) as adding sugar to your already iced-tea. All the sugar goes to the bottom (unless you stir fast enough before drinking to suspend the sugar in the solution). If you've not tried it (and I have encountered "Yankees" who have not), do so. Oh, and it takes about a cup of sugar per gallon or more to your tastes. You do the caloric math!

In an effort to control any more horizontal growth of the midsection, to which my genes have a disposition towards, we have started drinking sweet-tea sweetened by artificial sweetener. In addition to this already drastic measure, we're trying to excercise and eat better overall. That's tough now, as living in the country and experiencing the country life involves constantly being offered sweet tea, deep fried foods, and delicious baked goods on a regular basis.

I did find a neat little site, FitDay, to keep a journal of calories as well as activities. My first day of keeping track of what I ate really surprised me, as I was making a conscious effort to "eat right." I stand corrected.

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pablo said...

I've heard of this practice of putting sweeteners into tea. I always thought it was a practice from a savage land or something. William Chidress, the Ozarks author, has said that sweet tea should be illegal in Missouri. Well, I'm not one for foisting my views onto others, but sweetening in tea does sound, um, well, my momma told me not to use those words.

So how do you brew your tea? Boil water, add sugar, steep tea bag?

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

So let's see if I've got this straight - sweet tea indicates you are a southerner, and unsweetened tea indicates that you are a yankee. I guess artificially sweetened tea makes you a carpetbagger!

Duane Keys said...

Pablo, we just switched to a cold brew tea, and because of reasons I outlined, have went to artificial sweetener.

BUT, the best way to make real sweet tea we've found is to microwave a pot of water, steep the tea in it. Then add sugar, stir, and serve over ice.

briket said...

I actually put 1 cup per *2 quarts* of Luzianne tea.