Saturday, July 15

Fowl Progress

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Our fowl are growing in numbers and size. Jennifer has now acquired some chickens in addition to the guineas so the building formerly known as the guinea house is now the hen house. I took this picture while the guineas were in the temporary hutch outside the hen house. I have completed varmit-proofing (to the best of my abilty) the hen house. But since we acquired chickens I'll be building a yard for the yard birds around the hen house. I resisted having chickens but the crow of our neighbor's rooster Rojo was too much to resist for my loving wife. She bought the chickens and brought them home while I'm at work. We decided to free range the guineas but not the chickens. I've learned the chickens can be much more destructive on Jennifer's flowers and landscaping.

Below is a pic of the hen house. I've still yet to cut out the windows, screen in the windows (with hardware cloth), build nesting boxes, or places to roost in the hen house, but I'm getting closer. More pictures will follow as I complete the project.

hen house
Originally uploaded by duanekeys.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

The hen house looks great - your fowl will have the best digs in town!

I saw your wireless flash setup that you posted on flickr. It's quite an impressive setup.

Duane Keys said...

Thanks, Hal! There's still plenty to do on it but I was pleased with how it came out.

Can you believe the flash, the wireless trigger, stand, and umbrella can be had for less than $150!?

I've a shortage of models to practice my portraits on though, but I'll keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to have any geese?

We had them when I was a kid: they didn't let ANYONE near the house. Great, watchgeese?

Duane Keys said...

I think my wife is afraid of geese... I remember a rather funny time fishing where some mean geese were chasing her.

At this point though, I have no idea what other animals we'll have. I can't count anything out!

pablo said...

that's a fine looking hen house. I hope your birds know how good they have it.

Hey, have you ever given any thought to having a peacock or two?

Duane Keys said...

The chickens are quite friendly, I think they know they've got it good.

I don't know much about peakcocks, and I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility that I would come home to one or two. Jennifer tried to buy one at a livestock auction shortly after moving here but better judgement prevailed, that time anyway. We were no where near ready to build a home for them.