Friday, June 16

Triangle Rocks

triangle rocks
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No, I'm not trying to steal Pablo's thunder by out-doing his round rocks as my triangle rocks aren't natural (I'm pretty sure of that!). They are however, and oddity. The driveway on the farm extends from the state highway we live on some 600+ feet to our front yard. All along the driveway I can find these triangle rocks, from one end to the other.

When I (well Jennifer actually) first noticed them I thought it was probably left over material from some project that the original owner had started, perhaps some tiling job or used in a mosaic. There's no other evidence of such a project though. I reasoned that there was some left over and they simply spread them around the gravel driveway to get rid of them.

This seemed a plausible reason for having them in the driveway near the house but when I was working on the new mailbox at the end of the driveway I noticed the rocks there. Upon further inspection these little triangle rocks are spread out randomly through the length of the driveway. It seems to me that it would be an awfully expensive use of rocks if that was the original intended purpose for these rocks.


pablo said...

Detritus from a jobsite somewhere that a previous owner managed to get a bucket full of to spread on the driveway. That's my guess.

Anonymous said...

I live in Idaho and found a triangle rock about the same size while out camping. It was by a bunch of bones near a river bed. I investigated years ago and I read that the Indians in this area would use triangular stones as their tools in healing. The healers would go in forests to die alone and would die with their tools with them. So, I just assumed that is what I had found.

Anonymous said...

Those are called deburring stones. They're used by machinists to remove metal burs from production parts. There's a lock-washer production factory next to my house and I find these stones all over the place. I believe the stones are placed in a large tank and new produced metal parts are thrown in with them and they are tumbled around so the stones remove the excess burs from the parts. Not entirely sure how the process goes.