Friday, June 30

treat time

treat time
Originally uploaded by duanekeys.
Three out of the four dogs particpate in sitting, before getting the treat. Dobie's apparently too good to sit, he knows he'll get a treat anyway. I took this shot using my new off-camera lighting kit. More practice to come.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

An excellent portrait of your dogs. It's amazing how much difference off-camera lighting makes in a photo, as you have discovered. I would love to have some type of wireless slave strobe that didn't require the use of my camera's flash to trigger it. I suspect they will appear before too long. When I was shooting underwater, I used two off-camera strobes attached to the camera tray with 3 foot long adjustable arms. Before the days of TTL metering, it was quite an exercise to position each strobe, and then try to calculate the correct exposure to use. By the time that was accomplished, the subject had usually swam away!

Ole Olson said...

Did you get a setup similar to what the Strobist suggests or did you go down a different path?

Duane Keys said...

Ole, for the most part it is. I did acquire some parts from Lawrence Photo.