Friday, June 2

Striking a pose

Striking a pose
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This week two of my cousins, Blake and Aaron, spent some time with Jennifer and I on the farm. Jennifer and I enjoy having them out, they're great entertainment and a consistent reminder that life is about smiling, learning, and growing. Blake was striking a pose for me while I had my camera. Aaron thought some of Blake's poses were pretty funny. To protect the innocent, and the guilty (Blake), I didn't post some of the funnier ones!

The triple threat of Jennifer, Blake, and Aaron tackled several projects on the farm while I was at work this week. For one Blake and Aaron cleaned out all the post holes for me.

Jennifer has begun work on a new flower bed and so far the results are really nice (as is typical with Jennifer's work in the garden). I'll be posting photos of the progress as it comes. I taught Blake how to run the tiller to mix in the load of compost they unloaded on the area.

Brothers are funny
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The funny thing about that statement is before Jennifer and I were married I didn't know the slightest thing about gardening and I sure didn't know how to run the tiller.

I purchased our trusty Craftsman front-tine tiller from my Uncle Walter for $75. It was a heck of a deal. I wished that Jennifer had been taking video of the first time I tried to use the tiller. We lived in a duplex at the time and decided to put in a small garden. Jennifer cautioned me, "you really have to hold on" she said. I took her advice very seriously. I started the tiller up. I tilted the tiller back and pulled the lever to start the tiller turning.

Remembering her words I put a death grip on the handles. I wasn't going to let go of this tiller for anything. Jennifer's advice was sound, however, slightly incomplete. The more important part of the instructions should have been something like "brace yourself because it's going to want to take off." I lowered the turning tines into the ground with some significant force and the handles in a white-knuckle grip. Immediately the tiller took off across the back yard. The ground had never been tilled so the tines just acted as wheels with very good traction and with my good grip I found myself running behind it. I ran a few yards before letting go, thus stopping the tiller. I looked over to find my wife nearly doubled over with laughter.

I think I did a better job of explaining to Blake on how to use the tiller. Of course Jennifer telling the story of my first time using it gives a person a little more preparation than she gave me.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Here's a little theory of mine - everyone who first uses a tiller gets dragged across the yard a few times. It's just that you are the only person I've run across with enough self-confidence to admit it!