Thursday, June 15

Small Town Communities

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My neighbor, Coy Dan, invited me to lodge on Tuesday. I attended Missouri's 7th oldest Masonic Lodge with my neighbor and enjoyed it very much. My membership is still with my original lodge in Springfield, but I'll be joining this one soon. It's amazing how quickly one can become part of a community in a small town.

When we lived in Springfield I knew the neighbors that immediately bordered our property but that's about it. In the city we had several neighbors that we didn't know the names of that slept in bed less than a 100 yards from our own. We didn't know what they did for a living, the names of their children or anything else more significant than their address and perhaps what kind of car they drive.

With less than 60 days into living on the farm our closest neighbors are several hundred yards away but we've already developed personal relationships with dozens of people.

As I drive through town on the way home, each car that I pass greets me with a wave that I politely return.


Gin said...

Out in the country, “neighbor” has a different connotation. In time I have a feeling you’ll find yourself referring to folks five miles down the road as neighbors. It has as much to do with being neighborly as being neighbors.

Duane Keys said...

That's absolutely right! :)

Rev.Vapor said...

I remember when Carthage used to be kinda like that. It's not like that ny more though.