Sunday, June 25

sinking feeling

well repair
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There's a feeling that only comes when you turn on a faucet and nothing comes out. I experienced this feeling late Saturday afternoon. We knew some things were probably going to have to be fixed or replaced when we bought the place, and I'm sure this is the first of many educations I'm yet to recieve.

Things could have been much worse than it turned out. Junior and Bill of Willard pump service were very friendly and helpful. He didn't mind that I wanted to snap some pictures. "Pull up a lawn chair and watch if you want" he told me. I learned that pump is 360 feet deep and that it's submerged in 140 feet of water. The pump and motor were operating correctly, however the wire that fed it power was not. It had worn through in 3 different places which caused some relays and switches in the control box to short out.

After a few wire splices, some shrink tubing, a tension arrestor, new relay, a couple hours and $250 later the well is operating normally again. Well that is except for all the sediment that's in the water still.

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