Monday, June 12

Rainbow over Geek Acres

rainbow over Geek Acres
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Hal at Ranch Ramblins posted a picture some time ago of a rainbow he saw on his farm. I was excited to try and duplicate his efforts when I saw a rainbow late in one evening. I liked the results, but not as much as Hal's.

This weekend was busy as usual. Saturday I helped my father at one of his furniture auctions. Saturday evening we enjoyed some excllent bluegrass and country/western music at the annual Walnut Grove Pickin' in the park.

Sunday started out to be mostly a day of leisure, but we ended up starting a few projects as well. No progress yet on the corral, round pen, or fencing, but more to come on that this week and weekend. At the advice of Coy Dan, our neighbor and much more experienced farmer, we'll be getting a load of pea gravel to make the concrete go further. I've decied to take the advice of many and concrete in each post.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Thanks for the compliment on the rainbow. Actually, all I did was press the shutter button - the good Lord and Nikon did all of the artistic stuff.

I like your photo, especially the contrast between the rainbow and the billowing clouds. Rainbows over your home have to be a good omen, don't they?