Saturday, June 10


John Deere
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Some things you can't truly learn the meaning of until you've moved out in the country. For example, breakfast is in the morning, dinner is during the noon-hour, and supper is always in the evening.

What it means to be neighborly is something I thought I knew but have since learned the true meaning. In all honesty meeting the neighbors, the Blakemore family, and getting to know them is one of the things that sold us on buying the farm. Our neighbors have all but legally adopted us as family. For example, the tractor pictured here I used yesterday afternoon and again this morning at dawn (how's that for becoming a farmer) to drill sudan grass into the pasture. "Drive it like you own it" Coy Dan told us when he handed us the keys.

Deere Music
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It's not uncommon for us to walk down the hill to the neighbor's place. They're keeping Jennifer's horse, Socks, until I get our corral and fence finished. Jennifer likes to go down and visit Socks and the new foals. We also like to enjoy a glass of sweet tea in the shop building or on their patio and talk Coy Dan and Glenda about the horses, the condition of the hay fields, or to listen to Coy Dan's bluegrass band practice.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

....."Drive it like you own it"

That's a kind and generous neighbor you have, indeed!

I'm ashamed to admit the quip regarding my tractor would be "Dive it like you own it, WHEN you own it - got your checkbook?"

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

PS - I'm actually not that miserly, but I am concerned about someone getting hurt - tractors are, statistically, one of the most dangerous tools invented by man. Be certain to have your insurance agent recommend a good farm liability policy for you. They are very inexpensive, and will offer you some financial protection in the event someone is hurt while helping you out on your property.

pablo said...

Duane, I'm glad you took advantage of the trees from MDOC. If you have better luck than I, great. I look at them as a 50/50 proposition. If I have to order half as many again next year because half of them died, I feel as though I came out ahead.

Duane Keys said...

Yes, our neighbor is very kind. I recieved a good education on safely operating the tractor before embarking!