Saturday, June 24

fowl play

fowl play
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We're the proud owner/caretakers of a flock of guinea keets. Jennifer purchased our baby guineas at a local swap meet. This is going to accelerate my time-table for buildng a hen house. Neither Jennifer nor I know exactly what we're doing, but it's fun to learn. We'd like to get the guineas used to us, as well as the dogs, as Hal at Ranch Ramblins has done with his. It will probably be more difficult for us to get the dogs used to the guineas though.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Congratulation on your new family members. I'm sure the dogs will adjust just fine. It's now time for you to start on the housing for them (as if you don't have enough projects going on right now). You and Jennifer will be amazed at how quickly they will outgrow whatever temporary housing you provide them. Have fun, and please post about your future experiences with these wonderful birds.

meghann said...

aww, cute little guys!