Friday, May 19

Vacation work

Today I'm using a vacation day from the office. Note, though, that a vacation day doesn't translate into a day of no work. I'll be traveling for work on Sunday through Tuesday so I needed some time on the farm to get things done.

Today I'm working on our fencing. The property already has a loafing-shed style barn (sloping roof in one direction, closed on three sides, open on one). We're building a corral approximately 40' by 40' out of wood posts and 2x8 boards around the front of the barn. We can use this to contain some animals and plan on adding some modular fence panels to reconfigure as we need. We've also got several acres to enclose in barbed wire and a roundpen to build.

Today my focus has been on clearing the existing fence line of brush and the old fence. There's about 5 years of growth on the fence line, most of it grape vines and some other extremely thorny vine. The old fence posts are simply semi-straight branches off the oak and walnut trees on the land and they've got to go. We'll be replacing all the old posts on the barbed wire runs with metal t-posts tied off to 6" wood corner posts. The neighbor told us if we dig the corner's deep enough and concrete them in we won't need to brace them, so that's the plan.

All in all there's some 47 holes to be dug and several dozen t-posts to be driven. I've contacted a local skid-steer-for-hire, and he thinks he can drill out the holes tomorrow afternoon. I'm not that gung-ho for the post hole diggers!

I'm taking a break right now as I got a little hot and started to get a headache. I'm not too tired yet and it's a refreshing kind of tired. Not the type of tired I get from a day at the office, which can be mentally draining. Some types of work can be a vacation.

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pablo said...

Good luck to you. Record high temperatures this weekend, right?

Duane Keys said...

So far so good! Thanks!