Sunday, May 21

Tools of the trade

You've got to have the right tools for the job if you want to do the job right. Shortly into our marriage I found myself involved in all sorts of home-improvement projects (there's a definite correlation there among other married men I have found). I always found myself needing this tool or that tool and of course they were always just out of reach.

One day I decided to buy a tool belt. Jennifer thought I looked silly wearing it (and frankly I do), but I was sure it would be worth the rules of fashion I was to break. To this day it has been one of the best additions to my set of tools. Before I start a project I think to myself the possible tools I'll need and simply load up the tool belt. Here it's pictured next to my work gloves (also indispensable but often replaced) loaded up for some light electrical work. I dropped a handful of wire ties in one pocket, some pliers, a couple screw drivers, my trusty Olfa utility knife, and wire strippers in the others.

Stuffed in one of the pockets is another super useful tool that I purchased at first for recreational purposes. I joined a couple friends on a night fishing expedition and they recommended I get a head lamp. I purchased this Rayovac model from Walmart for about 13 bucks and it has paid for itself in usefulness time and time again. It has a setting to use a white LED, red LEDs (great for the night fishing) as well as a little incandescent bulb. I didn't catch any fish to speak of but I did get come away with another great tool. It always shines the light right where I need it, where I'm looking!

So, often around the house I'll be sporting my ultra-fashionable leather tool belt and matching head lamp. I may look silly, and sometimes I feel silly, but I'm so much more productive!

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squire said...

I also am fond of my tool belt.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

I wish I would remember to use mine more often. It still looks fresh and new, which makes me look very, very silly. But my running back and forth to get my tools one at a time makes me FEEL even sillier!

pablo said...

It sure beats the canvas bag I use to carry tools around the house to where I need them.