Tuesday, May 2


In order to get the Farm productive, one of the first things that we need to do is build a roundpen for Jennifer to train horses. The local farm supply store has a 60' diameter roundpen made of metal panels for just under $700. After some initial searching I understand that these inexpensive metal pens are not for serious training and breaking of colts.

Another option could be to build one of wood. I happen to have a source for lumber relatively inexpensively (way less than retail), so this might be a good option. I used Google's Sketchup tool to design one of 4x4 posts and 2x6 boards.

The question is, though, is this going to be strong enough? I initially designed it with 8' overall spans from post to post. Jennifer question whether that was enough to hold a 1200 pound animal? I must admit my ignorance and consult the audience.

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Rev.Vapor said...

I would say probably not, but I am just guessing. 2x6's aren't that hard to break, and at 8' spans, I think they would be flimsy. When I think of something like this I think metal poles, with steel cable run between them, but that might not be appropriate for something like this.

You might be able to get away with 6' spans if you put more 2x6's between them. I would still be a little wary of that though. How is that rodeo arena next to you put together?

Duane Keys said...

Well I did more reading and found out that you do want it to give and break if necessary. Better to break a 2x than hurt a horse or a thrown rider (relatively speaking). Metal (like the rodeo arena) doesn't give as well compared to human bone! :)

Gin said...

The stopping power of any fence seems to be more in the animal's head than in the strength of the fence. And in the case of horses, height of the fence means more than its strength.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Thanks for the tip on Google Sketchup. I just downloaded it and will start to dabble with it tonight.

We are using a metal panel round pen. It is made by Priefert Ranch Equipment (www.priefert.com). We have not had any problems with the pen, but we are not training newbies - our horses are fence-wise by now. The panels fasten together with chain, and can be fitted with break-away links.

As I was NOT an engineer in any past life, I can't give an educated opinion as to the strength of your proposed wooden pen, but I can tell you that we have been undertaking a project to replace our wooden fencing in our paddock due to the very high maintenance involved with it.

Definitely avoid the high-tensile cable option. The cable fence will survive an accident, Jennifer and/or Socks would not.

EL said...

Have a look at this:


Vinyl, when constructed properly, is actually a great option.

tsalagimedicine said...

I would move the post to 4-6 ft spans and atleast 6ft high 8ft would be preferable. and palcing the rails (2x6s are perfect)atleast 4" gaps between them. Close towards the bottom would be excellent and the spacing could be increased to 6" nearer the top. A solid wall would be excellent. I would use screws instead of nails to attach them to post and also run a 1x6 lathe perpendicular to the rails to cover the the seams where the rails meet at the post. This would be strong enough for working with young colts or stallions. A good Idea is to not go all the way to the ground with your rails though start the first rail approx. 12"-15" off the ground just in case this would give you a escape route to roll under the rail quickly.

Anonymous said...

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Ranch Supplycom said...

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