Saturday, May 27

Reptiles and Canines

In honor of Pablo's post today about his reptilian encounter here's a couple reptiles we encountered so far this weekend. The one above I believe is the same critter I scared out of the brush pile (when I set it on fire). I photographed him last time in the same vicinity scampering up a tree.

This morning we were moving some mulch from a pile into one of Jennifer's new flower gardens and found this guy using the mulch pile for shelter. We of course let these guys be as they'll help keep some of the less desirable critters in check.

Over the past weeks that we've been living out on the farm we've seen a number of animals. One morning I was sipping coffee on the deck before work when an armadillo came scrambling across the front yard. I rushed in to get my camera (now I just take it out on the deck with me) but by the time I got out there he was already booking it into the pasture. As often as I see them as roadkill, armadillos can really move.

We were seeing a turkey hen regularly along the western fence line but haven't in some time. The neighbor was out on his 4-wheeler spraying broadleaf killer here and there and made his way on to our place to (thoughtfully) spray some of our unwanted brush. He came across a turkey nest full of eggs near that fence line. He said if we knew it was there we would have avoided the area, and hoped he didn't get any of the spray on the nest. I think the hen must have abandoned it though, we haven't seen her in a while. It was either the 4-wheeler tracks, the broadleaf killer, or the proximity to our backyard fence where our 4 dogs patrol that probably forced the hen to abandon the nest.

We regularly hear the yipping and yelping of the local coyotes during the evening. The dogs often have a puzzled look on their faces and I wonder what they're thinking. Fiz, the neighbor dog pictured in the previously mentioned critter post, is quite the little farm dog, and has tortured and killed several ground-hogs and moles in the past few days.

Speaking of dogs we've been letting our dogs run loose when we're out working, or horsing around. Magelleon (aka Gelleon, Jello, Melon, Mr Magelleon, Mr. Melon, etc) has become quite the farm-dog. Jennifer takes him with her when she walks down to the neighbors or to see the horses. He seems to have a sense about what his role on the farm should be (protecting and watching out for his people). The local vet thought he's probably a Catahoula mix.

The other dogs haven't quite figure out the farm life. They mind well off-leash but still have a few things to learn about being a farm-dog. We had some of my cousins out to stay with us yesterday and today. Aaron and Blake wanted to show us they could do a round-off followed by a back-flip. Dobie, pictured below, wanted in on the action.

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pablo said...

Is that your battered thumb in the snake picture? Ouch! Also, tell me that is not you doing the handstand. If it is you, you are entirely too young and healthy.

Nice post altogether. Any idea what that snake is?

Duane Keys said...

Actually, that's my cousin Blakely' hand holding the snake. I'm not sure what he did... You never know what 15 year old's get into.

I am for the most part young and healthy, but not that young and healthy! That's my 13 year old cousin Aaron executing the acrobatics. I'm going to post pics of him actually nailing the back-flips on my other blog, minutia.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

You will know when your dogs truely become farm dogs when they can accurately replicate the howling of the coyotes (which shouldn't take them long to figure out).

Nice post, it sounds as if you have lots going on there.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Is there a way that you might be aware of to put a RSS feed for your comments into my aggregator?

Is there a special comments feed URL or something?

Duane Keys said...

I wish there were, but I can't find any info on such a beast. I know other blog platforms have that. Yet another reason I should get my own site, eh?