Thursday, May 18

Paso Fino Horse Show

 This last weekend I assisted my photography teacher from a few years back with shooting horses (with a camera that is). The horses on display are of the Paso Fino breed, direct descendants of the horses brought over by the conquistadors. These horses were used by the conquistadors when they wanted to be seen, the equivalent of modern day cruising in a low rider. The horse has a very animated action where it steps very high and has lots of vertical movement in it's legs for very little forward motion. The ride is completely smooth for the rider though. I learned quite a bit about horses, and this breed in general. Consquently we made a little bit of money selling the photographs as well. Posted by Picasa


CalabazaBlog said...
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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Does my crystal ball see a Paso Fino in your future? Retta has a pure-bred Missouri Foxtrotter with a gait similar to the Paso Fino breed. Funny thing is, I have a mutt-bred quarter horse that somehow has picked up the gait of the Foxtrotter.

Your photography at the horse show reminded me of an aquaintance who goes to horse shows, dog shows, moto-cross tracks, car races, little league and soccer games, etc. armed with a digital camera, an Olympus P440 dye-sub printer, pre-cut mats and 11x14 frames. It seems that when people are presented with a nice framed and matted 8x10 of themselves participating in their chosen recreational activities, they can't resist buying it!

Duane Keys said...

I think I've got a quarter horse in my future, according to Jennifer! :)

I'm going to start doing that sort of thing, and I'd like to get into the senior portrait arena as well.

I don't know much about photo printers, we have an ink-jet, and that's what we took. We printed proofs 9 to a page, and ink was our biggest expense. I'll have to look into those dye-subs.