Monday, May 1

Internet Delay - Weekend Update

I called on Friday to confirm the Wild Blue installation but ended up confirming my fears. A "clear view of the southwestern sky" is needed, something I don't have with the grove of Walnut and Oak trees that surround the house. It appears I'll be doing some trenching next weekend to bury conduit and cable to a pole mounted version of the Wild Blue Satellite.

So my loyal readers will have to endure another week of sparse posting until I get that accomplished. However, having to rent a trenching machine means I'll jump start a couple of other projects that require burying lines. I'm going to take Hal of Ranch Ramblins up on his advice to plumb in water out by the barn, as well as dig a drench to bury the gas line where I would prefer the propane tank to be (the neighbor will help me move the tank with his tractor).

This weekend was busy. We are completely moved out of the old house. I did leave the Arbor which I'll go back and get this weekend. I didn't want to attempt to untagle it from the rose bushes without Jennifer's assistance. The projects on the house are centering around making it livable and simply unpacking boxes. I was lucky to find socks and shoes late last week, but things are starting to come together.

We built a fire Friday and Saturday night in the fireplace. What a joy it is to just sit with my wife and watch the fire and to listen to that distinctive crackling sound you get from burning a log.

Also, many thanks to my friends and family who assisted us in our move.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

There certainly isn't anything quite like a fire in the fireplace. There's something that is just so primal about the whole experience.

When WildBlue was installed here, the tech mentioned in passing that the cable run was limited to 100 feet. Will you be able to reach clear sky within that constraint?

pablo said...

Do what you must to make your home. Just remember to post it all here in profound detail so that us wannabes can live vicariously. Okay?

Rev.Vapor said...

While your running water to the barn, do you already have power to your out buildings as well? If not it might be a good idea to run underground power conduit out there as well.

Duane Keys said...

Yeah, I thought of power after I posted... you're probably right!