Saturday, May 20


Originally uploaded by duanekeys.
This little guy was having breakfast from the humming bird feeder we have hanging off the deck. The saying "a watched pot never boils" is equivalent to "a watched humming bird feeder never attracts humming birds."

They would only show up when I loose interest in pointing the camera at them. I had to up the ISO to 800 and capture him at 1/4000 of a sec shutterspeed in order to stop the wings from moving. The photo is cropped down from it's original size, and the grain of the 800 speed ISO is showing. Someday I'll get a faster and longer zoom lens.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

That's a nice photo. I cannot freeze a hummers wings as my digital camera only replicates ISO 400 and the maximum shutter speed is 1/3000th sec. When I set it up that way I get so much noise that I don't even bother anymore.

You could always use ISO 400 film and push it to ISO 800, which might cut down on the graininess, but thats an expensive way to go. Anyhow, nice shot!

Duane Keys said...

I guess "grain" was misleading as I'm also using a digital camera (Canon 10D). It'll simulate ISO up to 1600, and starting at 800 the noise is noticeable (to me at least).

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

I did think it strange that a self professed geek would be shooting with film. Now it makes sense. The Canon 10D is a great DSLR. The 2nd biggest problem with my Nikon CP8800 is the noise at higher ISO settings, which is inherant in the type of sensor the digicams use. The biggest problem is the slow write-to-card speed.