Monday, May 8


I apologize for the recent neglect of this space. We are still without an internet connection at home, however the blue sky installers will be at our house this morning. I've authorized trenching and a pole mount if necessary to get a clear line of site. I am hopeful they can figure it out without me having to cut a tree down and have them make a second trip. The installers said they've only failed to get a installation done due to line of sight one time, let's hope I'm not the second.

My father had a lumber auction this weekend, and I went down to help as well as to potentially buy lumber for the round pen I previously mentioned. The treated lumber all went too high for my tastes, so I ended up with no lumber at all for the trip. Instead I was given a little souvenir, so I can remember what a bundle of lumber does look like.

For more on that story see my other non-farm related blog, Minutia.

Some how time keeps slipping away, and along with money it's my most valuable resource right now. I don't mind the hard work it's going to take to get the farm into shape, but it doesn't seem like I have enough time recently to do so. I will simply have to schedule some vacation time soon to get over the initial hump of cleaning out fence lines neglected for five years as well as building new cross fences, cleaning out barns, and a number of other projects.

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pablo said...

Ouch! Though your passenger side looks a lot better than mine, which was sideswiped. Twice. By family members. In my driveway. Ugh. (Also, I turned into a tree once -- not me. I turned the truck and found a tree where I didn't think there was one.)

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

"...building new cross fences, cleaning out barns, and a number of other projects."

Such as keeping up with your blogs.

Sorry about the dents. By the way, that was a good article you participated in regarding HDTV. Your 15 minutes of fame has arrived!