Sunday, May 28

as little help as I could find

as little help as I could find
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I said I could probably use a little help with cleaning out the holes, and this is about as little help as I could find. Suey is pictured here examining my handiwork.

I've got about half of the holes for the corral cleared, and it's only taken me most of the weekend. Honestly I haven't been working as much on it as I should. For one it's hot. Secondly, well there isn't a good reason, see reason one.


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Isn't it funny how everyone always seems to disappear whenever there are holes to be dug out?

Getting half the holes cleaned out in this heat seems like a sensible amount of work to do on a holiday weekend. It's a whole lot more than I've gotten accomplished.

pablo said...

Funny, if you had asked me I would have given you as little help as I could too.

Duane Keys said...

Gee, thanks!