Monday, April 24

Shocked Well

A crucial piece of information came via fax today and just in time (we close in 2 days). The original well-water failed the testing so the well needed to be "shocked." The house had sat empty for years before the current owner purchased the place to fix up and apparently an idle well can be a haven for bacteria. He chemically treated the well to kill any bacteria then did a flush of the system.

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pablo said...

Hope you like the taste of the water. We stayed in Wichita once and could NOT drink the local water. We had to get bottled water to drink.

Duane Keys said...

Actually, the water tastes quite good. We use a filter in our in-fridge water dispenser as well.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

We had the same experience as you when we got our well tested before closing escrow. Having never owned a well system, I was paniced. However, the environmental testing agent assured me it was a common occurance for wells that have sat unused for a time, and we have not had a problem since (except for the pump being destroyed by lightning...oh yeah, and a relay switch failing... oh yeah, and a leak in the well pipe... oh yeah, and the pressure tank bladder rupturing... oh yeah, and the....!!