Wednesday, April 12

Good Resource: Ranch Ramblins

I ran across a great site that is doing exactly what I'm trying to do here. Ranch Ramblins chronicles the life of a Hal (the rancher) and his wife, Retta, on their hobby farm in the Ozarks. Other than already being retired it sounds almost exactly like my wife and I.

From the "a little bit about the rancher" page:
Hal is a former businessman who, along with his wife Retta, are enjoying their retirement in the beautiful Ozarks of northern Arkansas. Hobby ranching, computer activities, conservation and land management occupy Hal’s time, while equestrian activities and animal (and husband) care account for Retta’s time.

Both of us share an interest in photography, both underwater and terrestrial.

Hal has a keen interest in personal computing, as well as most things in the high-tech world, although he is perpetually a few years behind the cutting-edge. He thinks of himself as a jack-of-some-trades, and a master of none.

Replace my name and Jennifer's name in that paragraph and it's stunning how much is true. Jennifer is the horse lover and Duane is the computer geek. Both of us are photogs.

Be sure to check out his adventures, his latest entry, "In this corner", the story of a continuing saga of rancher versus rodentia, had me laughing out loud.

I hope this blog can become half as entertaining and informative.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Thanks for the compliments, and also for the Ranch Ramblins plug. During the winter a good deal of my posts were technical in nature, but now that growing season is upon us, the posts will definately take on a more "outdoorsy" feel.

I'm looking forward to your continued posts on this new blog of yours.

pablo said...

I have to confess that I am envious of Hal, but I have no doubt that I will come to be envious of you guys at Geek Acres soon too.

Duane Keys said...

I've been lurking around the Roundrock Journal for sometime now as well and I've been fascinated by your stories.

Geek Acres is definately on a smaller scale physically than both of your places, but I hope to get some adventures in none-the-less.