Monday, April 17

Farm Plans

On a previous post, Hal, of Ranch Ramblins asked:
If you get a chance, I'd be interested in hearing about your plans for horse facilities. Do you plan to pasture Socks, or stall him? And finally, do you plan on doing any riding?

So many questions, so little time! :)

First, the lay of the land:

We've got 10 acres of mostly pasture. The current owners have oats on the land and will be harvesting in late May or June, so that will slow our fencing plans. That's all good and well as we'll have our hands full with typical moving expenses, let alone farm improvements.

The perimeter is already fenced with barbed wire. To the east of our land is the local saddle club. We'll have 24 hour access to a lighted arena, perfect for Jennifer's training plans, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

The house peeks out from the grove of Walnut and Oak trees. To the south of it is the shop building, which requires some work including pouring a concrete floor and installing some good overhead doors. On the Western edge below the grove of trees is the loafing shed. The image resolution isn't the greatest so I've drawn in where it is.

We plan on fencing (yellow) the two pastures and creating a run from one pasture to the other behind and around the house. The blue lines mark the areas for gates. The area fenced in to the west of the house is what we're caling the backyard, the area for our dogs. They've not got any country sense, although we'll probably try to let them out when were doing chores. I plan on building the hen house (for the guineas) on the west side of the shop building.

We'll be dividing the loafing shed into different sections for different uses. It's a good sized shed, the current ownder has a trailer, a bailer, and several bales of hay stored in it. We'll block off the South section for the horses, we'll keep hay in the middle section, and the north end will be shelter for the bottle-calves we plan on getting. The calves will have access to the run around the house and the front pasture.

My scale on the image is completely off but I'll be constructing a round-pen in the general vicinity that I marked for Jennifer to train. Socks, and other horses evantually, will be confined to the smaller pasture. We'll supplement their diets with hay and grain.

Jennifer is an accomplished horseperson. In fact, she was once a rodeo queen and went to school on a rodeo scholarship! :) After a little bit of time getting back in the saddle, literally, she'll start training horses again.

We'd eventually like to build a big barn with some horse stalls, probably east of the house in the big pasture. There are so many things to plan and consider. I'm already planning on running water from the well close to the loafing shed where I can water the horses and the calves at once. I've got grand ideas of a wireless network accessible throughout the farm (looks like satellite internet it is). The neighbors have expressed interest in getting a broadband connection, perhaps I'll be helping them get connected to my network!

All in all, we think we're going to love it.

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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

It looks like you have a setup that will provide you with a lot of pleasure. Having a lighted arena at your disposal next-door seems to be perfect for your situation. And, between Jennifer's knowledge, and your neighbors expertise, Socks will be well cared for.

Unsolicited advice: as long as you are only in the planning stages now, consider installing a plumbed, freeze-proof waterer. You won't regret the extra expense and labor come January, when the temperature is 5 degrees.

pablo said...

Just a programming note: blogging is a daily event. You have to give up all of your other obligations (or at least put them in second place) when you have a blog. Also, some of us are so fascinated with your life choice that we visit your blog several times a day to see if there is any news.

Duane Keys said...

Dear 2's of readers: My apologies for the lack of content at the moment. We're in the middle of closing on both places and related moving tasks. I will try to do better.