Saturday, April 22


I blog out of sheer guilt. One of my two readers has berated me for the lack of content this past week. Daily blogging, I've been informed, must come first before all else. I promise to do my best in the future, in the mean time I give you a list of excuses for not blogging, in no particular order:

  • * we don't actually live on the farm yet, so farm activities aren't yet a daily occurance

  • * all free time is currently tied up with activies related to closing on the sale of our current home and closing on the purchase of Geek Acres (an aside: Jennifer said she couldn't think of a more appropriate name for our new home... excellent)

  • * research and purchase of a new water heater

  • * purchase, loading, unloading, reloading, returning of overkill fence posts. We went to purchase corner posts for the backyard that the dogs would be confined to. At Race Brothers we asked for 6" by 8' wood corner posts to which the lady replied "we don't have any of the six, we just have eight." Confused, I said, yeah, that's what I want, eights. It was only after unloading the posts in place that we realized, these posts are HUGE. I let them sit there for a week while I contemplated what had happened, and becuase I was too tired to load them back ON the truck.
    The lady at Race Brothers meant they didn't have any six INCH diameter posts, and I thought she meant six foot long posts. So we purchased fifteen 8" diameter, 8 foot tall posts for 255' of fencing. Our curious neighbor asked me, "exactly how big ARE your dogs." We decided to go with metal posts instead.

  • * assisting with installation of new fence posts, and fence. My Uncle Bill does fencing for a living and came out to install 5' tall, 2"x4" rectangle welded-wire fence for the dogs, with resonably sized metal posts for corners and braces.

  • * removal of old water heater and installation of previously mentioned new water heater

  • * moving the BBQ grill from old home to new home to be used to cook dinner on Friday night (Uncle Bill and his helper Ed began setting corner posts Friday day-time)

  • * stopping at Sonic in Willard at 9:30 PM to get burgers for a tired and hungry Uncle Bill and Ed since all plans on making it to the farm in time to cook dinner went to pot

  • * stopping at a friend's in Willard to store meat and condiments for previously mentioned BBQ in friend's freezer since plans to stop at friend's house at a resonable hour to pick up old refridgerator to be used as secondary fridge at the farm also fell through (the primary kitchen fridge is still at our old home in Springfield)

  • * delivering Sonic burgers at 10:00 PM to starving Uncle and friend

  • * staying up to midnight playing Scrabble with cousins who've been drafted to help on the farm on occasion

  • * being consumed by grattitude to parents who help and love more than I could have ever hoped for

  • * taking delivery of house-warming gift from parents (see previous excuse for not blogging, and picture of house-warming gift below)

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dhri said...

Lovely! Wish I could own a farm too, someday ... :-) [And please continue blogging, no matter what excuses you may have...]

Gin said...

Sheesh! Excuses, excuses. Whoever told you blogging comes first is right. (Of course, as a non-blogger, I feel quite comfortable chastising you.) :) I have missed your entries.

Duane Keys said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! :)

Ole said...

Mom & Dad rock, to say nothing of Uncle Bill. I bet you can see the vision slowly (shall I repeat slowly?) come together eh.

pablo said...

Sounds like you had plenty of farm-related bloggable material afterall. (Just so you know, I'm living vicariously through you, so anytime you can update me on your adventure will be just fine.)

Duane Keys said...

I thought the excuse list was a nice way to get some of the adventures published. :) I'm glad you're enjoying the stories! :)

It is coming together! :)